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TNS Travel Pvt Ltd Choose by many travelers visiting India from abroad. Some of the main reasons people choose to travel to India are because of its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, dazzling deserts, lovely beaches, splendid monuments, captivating hill resorts and many more. The country provides some of picturesque landscapes which attract the tourists from all over the world to the country. TNS Travel Pvt Ltd is an INBOUND TOUR COMPANY dedicated to creating personal travel experiences that go beyond the basic sightseeing tours. It is also very important that India travel planner must be reliable and provides good services and itineraries. We focus on each tour itinerary and our Chauffeurs and Local guides well educated and experts in the field of focus or region. Our private and group tours carefully planned and custom – tailored to meet your needs so your trip is everything you imagined and much more. Our company’s Executives work meticulously to offer you unique and customized tour itineraries as per your expectations which will help you to capture the heart and essence of a destination.

We TNS Travel also specialize in tour and trips in undeveloped and remote regions in India. Our professional’s team will provide you requested information for tailor made trip to India. Our company’s professional staff visited there and gets the experience of those places and accordingly plans the trips. Give us chance to take this time-consuming and difficult trip planning burden off your hands! We will easily plan tour Hassle Free, places includes are Assam, Orissa and Leh – Ladakh. Our trips are designed with adventure seekers in mind, embracing adventure and activities – while at the same time encouraging interactions with local communities. Like when in Agra you can enjoy the Tonga ride, In Jodhpur eat with an Indian family at their home, watch Indian Hindi Movie with the local crowd cheering the heroes.

Stay Connected
TNS Travel’s Professional and experienced executives always in touch with our guest and local company Executives, Either you traveling in India or Nepal we are always aware of your travel details and are just a call away. All our company team members have been trained to listen first. We offer Challenging, Moderate, and Easy. We are committed to Ecotourism and take clients responsibly “off the beaten path”.

Our guides are experienced and trained in guest relations and their licenses and degrees are checked by our company experts. As concern about groups we focus on Small Groups number of guests 12 or less for the best experience of India and Nepal tour. And we always deliver more than we promise. Our price we quote are best and most competitive. We not offer cheap tours but we punch enough value for every amount you pay. We provide unforgettable and comfort luxury tours with our best services. We are from very few companies in the world who offer organized and tailor made luxury tour in India which cover some exotic destinations and hotels. We specially choose and select right car, the right driver, right guides and the right highlights of the tour to make it truly a luxury experience. Hotel we offer are luxury and their rooms always checked before hand and small details are included in the checklist with your personal preferences to always make you feel at home in a distant country.

If you want to take a service of TNS Travel Pvt Ltd it will be very beneficial for your India travel. But it is also very important that India travel planner must be reliable and provides good services with detailed itineraries. When you are in tours to Rajasthan, you can go with Rajasthan travel guide package provided by our company travel professionals.

The largest state of India, Rajasthan (in terms of area) is a famous tourist destination. Every year a number of tourists guests come to Rajasthan and explore this vibrant land. Rajasthan, literally, means the land of kings and princes. Vibrant Rajasthan is known as the colorful state of India. Fascinating cities, eye-catching landscapes, grand heritage hotels, superb monuments, magnificent palaces, exquisite crafts and rare wildlife are some of major attractions of imperial Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a historical land. The land of majestic Rajasthan is filled with invincible forts, splendid palaces, timeless monuments, waves of sand dunes, and lovely lakes. Entire Rajasthan and its amazing architecture tell marvelous saga of heroism and romance. In fact God has gifted Rajasthan all the things which are required to be a perfect tourist destination.

The Indian State of Himachal Pradesh is a mostly mountainous area, neighboring Tibet and China in the East, the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir in the north and northwest, Punjab, Haryana, Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh to the south. It has a geographical area of 55,673 sq. Kms. and a population of 6.1 million people and is located at altitudes ranging from 350 to 7000 meters (1050 ft. to 21000 ft.). Nestled in the Western Himalayas, it has provided refuge and abode to the Buddhist leader, the Dalai Lama and his Tibetan followers. This majestic, almost mythic terrain is famous for its beauty and serenity.

The forests of Himachal Pradesh (H.P) constitute two-thirds of the state’s geographic area and are crucial to the region’s environmental and economic well-being---a storehouse of rich bio-diversity, vital in preserving the fragile Himalayan eco-system, and a primary livelihood source for its rural population. The ‘forest sector’ encompassing the entire biophysical and environmental components, highly sensitive to the uniqueness of the mountain environment, must place its people at the centre. Accordingly a new course has been charted to shift forest policy in a way that recognizes the ecological and social value of environmental services as well as its economic values. Tapping environmental services through eco-tourism offers a way to alleviate poverty and enhance livelihood options.

Kerala is one of the least states in the Indian union. Area in square kilometers is 38,855 is just 1.3 percent of the total area of India. The ground of India comprises the thin coastal narrow piece bounded by the Western Ghats in the east and the Arabian ocean on the west. In the words of Sreedhara Menon “Its unique geographical position and peculiar physical features have invested Kerala with a distinct individuality.” Hence it has played a vital role in the commercial and cultural history of India. Kerala has been describes “as the favorite child of nature.” Like Kashmir in the north, Kerala in the south is famous for its breath-taking natural beauty. With its evergreen mountains, Dense forests stately palms, swift flowing rivers, extensive backwaters and blue lagoons, it looks like a fairyland.

Kerala is Beautiful place to visit. This ambiance of loveliness and calm has nurtured faith and art in Kerala and enabled her to become a precious gem in the necklace of Indian culture. Indian poets of eminence have showered their praises for the abundance of its peppers, the fragrance of its sandal and the wealth of its coconuts. No part of India is so widely known or has played so important a part in world history as Kerala. Visit to Kerala with our company in India our professional and well educated executives’ gives you just right holiday to refresh your body and soul relaxing your mind with its natural beauty. In Indian tourism Kerala tourism plays a major role in world tourist attractions. Kerala honeymoon tour packages, Kerala houseboat tour packages, Kerala ayurveda treatment tour package to India, Kerala houseboat holidays package, Kerala Job holidays, Kerala Monsoon tour package to India, Kerala backwater tour to India, Kerala beach tourism to India, Kerala Backwaters: The backwaters of Kerala roundabout inland lakes networked with canals stretch to over 1900 km. Boat trips across these calm stretches are an knowledge unique to Kerala. One of the most unforgettable experiences for the tourist visiting Kerala is the opportunity to enjoy the backwaters of Kerala on a house boat (Kettuvallam). Kerala Ayurveda: Kerala ayurveda offers two kinds of ayurvedic fitness options: recreative and healing. These ayurveda packages are based on the time-tested, antique Indian ayurvedic system of drug. The kerala special ayurvedic treatments include ayurveda ahyangam, ayurveda shirovasti, ayurveda shirodhara, ayurveda kizhi, ayurveda pizhichil, ayurveda udwartanam, ayurveda navarakkizhi, and ayurveda panchakarma etc. We are the advisor in kerala of ayurvedic traetment. We have expert ayurvedic doctors who are available for consultation including online for proper guidance in matters of medication, ayurveda treatments and diet counseling.

Many places in India is to see and visit to see its traditional places and culture, U.P (Uttar Pradesh) is also one from them, U.P tourism department is known for its traditional society. Uttar Pradesh abounds big number of traveler’s Attractions. There are large numbers of significant world famous places, pilgrimage, historical sites, attracting tourist from all over the world. Tourism in uttar Pradesh developed in manner of, Buddhist Circuit, Bundelkhan Circuit, Braj (Agra, Mathura) Circuit, Awadh Circuit, Vindhya Circuit, Water Cruise Circuit, Jain Shrines Circuit, Sikh Panth Circuit, Eco-tourism Circuit, Varanasi Cultural circuit, arrangement of high standard accommodation in hotel through the private sector, and for this a rational tax structure is in place. The department is trying to provide accommodation at affordable rates to pilgrims at the religious places. Uttar Pradesh tourism department is not maintaining the historical, religious and cultural traditions of Uttar Pradesh. Prepare schemes relating to the development of tourism and to execute them, the Directorate of Tourism was established in the yer 1972 of which the Director General is an I.A.S officer, Uttar Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation was established in 1974 to look after the commercial activities which are a part of development of tourism.

We have separate Experienced and Professional Executives for car rental division who will help guests to choose suitable car according to road conditions of the places guest planning to visit. We Offer a multi Services under one roof, if you planning for rent a car in India? We have detailed solution with wide range of cars and luxury coaches for rental in all places of India, our company Executives will help you to find suitable car according to road conditions of places you planning to visit, our car and coaches are latest model and clean from outside and inner too, we have experienced drivers who can understand and communicate in English very well and can anticipate your ways to fulfilling your needs and desires. As per concern about rates our rates are very reasonable which includes all parking, toll tax, interstate taxes, Insurance and all taxes. We successfully fulfilled our guest’s demands of Luxury cars / coaches or Budget Cars / Coaches they require accordingly. If you planning to visit India and require rental car India, hire a car in India just send us email at and be free from hassle to find a Cars / Coaches in India. We take care to give the much desired privacy to our client while traveling in India. Our efforts are focused toward providing 24 hours customer friendly services 365 days a year. We also offer useful travel tips which may help in better planning. With we as your travel guide the journey is bound to be a memorable experience.

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TNS Travel Pvt Ltd Choose by many travelers visiting India from abroad. Some of the main reasons people choose to travel to India are because of its rich culture, beautiful land- scapes, dazzling deserts, lovely beaches, splendid monuments, captivating hill resorts and many more.
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